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Libra Management specialise in the supply of Distance Learning / Home - study training courses and training aids to many successful managers, salespeople and entrepreneurs.

The business training courses are designed to help you get more out of your current situation or guide you through a new venture, which will help you increase your earning potential and promotional prospects.  Information is only good if it can be proved to work successfully. That is why these courses have been put together with knowledge obtained from over fifty years of successful business, selling and management experience.  Information has been gleaned from all corners of the globe using the expertise of some of the most successful people in business and from the personal experience of our staff; some of whom have been very successfully involved in business marketing and management for some very large international corporations.

All of this put together in easy to understand distance learning programs, which have been designed to take someone with no previous experience and allow them to understand the concepts of their chosen career.

Nothing is new in business; it is just how you apply the concept to your own venture that makes it work for you.

Remember... NO qualifications or prior experience is necessary; each course starts from the premise that the student has had no prior knowledge of the subject.

Many people can feel left out when it comes to success in the jobs market.  They may have left school early; they could easily not have been bothered with the drudgery of academic life.

Maybe life dealt them a cruel blow and they did not like the formal format of class room teaching.   Whatever the reason...   EVERYONE deserves a second chance. Make this yours.

libra world and bookAll the courses proved by Libra Management are designed for Home study or Distance learning.  Everything you will need is included in the cost.  So what is stopping you?

Domestic Appliance repair manIs this your new career choice.
This course has proved to be our most popular over the last ten years and has been regularly updated.
The repair of washing machines, vacuum cleaners and small electrical appliances is one of the few well proven businesses that can be started without any major capital outlay. Yet it can build into a very successful and profitable business, which can be operated on a part time or full time basis.

This course is split into different manuals - Vacuum cleaners - Washing Machines - Small electrical appliances such as toasters, irons, kettles, Cookers, etc.

Each manual carefully explains how each appliance fits together, what makes them work and what to do when they stop working.  At the end of the training you will understand each part and how they fit together to make the whole.  The course also explains and shows you what diagnostic steps are required to rectify a problem, the tools necessary and where to obtain the any spare parts.

The course covers the basics of  electrics, paperwork, business awareness and financial planning.

If you have a mechanical aptitude - then this course is for you.

libra salespeopleCommercial Salesmanship -  Your new career choice.

It does not matter what level you are currently at in your sales career; you could be the‘old professional’ who manages to get lots and lots of orders from customers who are loyal.  Or you could be the‘new face on the block’ just starting out in their first sales position and trying to learn the ropes.

This Home study course is what you now need!
Everyone has the need for formal training and refresher courses.

On this course you will learn the secrets of  - ‘The master commercial sales techniques’.

Why choose a career in sales?   Regardless of the product or service offered by a commercial organisation, the common denominator is the Sales.

                           Promotion - Pay rise - Job satisfaction - Peer success.

The course is also very suitable for the - Small or medium business proprietor or those staring a new business venture.

Syllabus includes - Types of selling, role of the salesperson, marketing, sales cycle, communication, identifying needs, behavioural aspects, knowing your buyer, closes, business letters and advertising.

libra management seminarMany client companies consider this management training course a must for people who are moving into any managerial role and in the development of  their career.  Gone are the days when you had to take time out of your work schedule to attend a University or College.  Distance learning and Home study training is now the recognised way to further develop your own educational and promotional prospects.

            Be more effective... Earn more rewards and money... Work smarter - not harder.

The course will guide you through the proven methods that are necessary to enable you to increase your just rewards. It will also guide you through the concepts and jargon used within the business world.  It will show you how to get the best out of your team, without alienating yourself from either the staff or the company board members.  All this without having to leave your own home or office.

Good management and the skills of self-discipline can be taught, if the student is able and willing to learn.
Syllabus includes-

Improving your own & others performances, effective management of people, selecting the appropriate forms of communications, understanding the causes of motivation and job satisfaction, how to implement methods to improve motivation, performance management, employee development, meaningful appraisals and reviews, developing team effectiveness, recruiting the right people and understanding the art of decision making.

libra management studentsMulti Level Marketing or  ‘How to build & manage a successful organisation in Multi - level marketing’.

 Multi - level marketing is one of the fastest growing business methods currently available to the budding entrepreneur, if it is used correctly.

Our training course is designed to help you get more out of yourself and your down-line.

It will show the proven methods that are required to enable you to succeed in increasing your just rewards.  It will also guide you through the training necessary for your down-line.  This training will in turn make them more effective and thus increase your over - ride payments.

Learn from the experts; use their successes and their failures to help you SUCCEED.

It does not matter what the product is - perfume, cosmetics, health supplements, underwear, gift or even household goods.  You can use the information in this training course to help you improve your turnover and profit payouts.

Syllabus includes:
Training, marketing, building a successful downline, obtaining customers, party plan, hostess gifts, retaining your downline, forward planning. 

health and safety posterFull range of health and safety courses available for 'distance learning'. Topics include 'Introduction to H&S', 'Electricity regulations', 'Fire assessments', 'Risk Assessment completion', 'First aid', 'Food Hygiene and HACCP' courses. Contact us for full details of these new exciting courses.  All are also available on DVD, contact us for details.

libra education logoWe have other courses available ranging from - Life Coaching - NLP - to website development and personal awareness.  Contact us for information or to find out if we can help you.   

Hopefully we have answered most of your questions, but do contact us for more information.