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libra unicorn logoWell no longer! Libra Management offer training courses that are diverse enough to match your need and tailored to your company requirements, this way you will not need to look elsewhere for additional training.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 At Libra Management we like to ask questions that constantly challenge our clients view, so that they might be as effective as possible.  So if you have MANAGERS - SALESPEOPLE or TELESALES, then our courses are for you.  In-House company training can be very cost effective as the return for investment is normally in the magnitude of plus 3, according to a recent article from the world trade association.

Perhaps the most important aspect of a Libra Management course; happens when your staff get back to work!   We believe that learning does not stop when the course ends, we are very aware that the most difficult element in the improvement of any students skill and behaviour, is not really what happens on the course, but what occurs back at work and how they implement some of the knowledge they will have learnt during the seminars.  We ensure that all students are fully aware they can contact our office to discuss any aspect of putting the theory into practise.  So what type of courses do we offer?

jim training                                                                                                                                                                      The secret of success is to do the common things.......     Uncommonly well

We can now offer a full range of Health & safety courses and training for your business. Manual Handling, Working at Height, H&S Induction, Display screen equipment, Fire equipment and training.  Contact us for full details and prospectus leaflet.  admin@libramanagement.com

Management & Business Training.

Effective management has to be taught… In the busy cut-throat world of commerce many managers have to carry the weight of their Directors decisions and the worry of staff on shoulders that need support.

New Business Entrepreneurs / Company Directors / Proprietors / Senior Managers; each has to start from somewhere in their new position. But how do they find out the most effective method of operating?

This Course from Libra Management will guide the manager through a program designed to bring the best out in the individual, enhancing the personal touch with the knowledge of success and team building.

Sales Management Training

How many times have you appointed your best Sales person to the role of Sales Manager?  They were excellent in the field, closed the orders, retained the clients, provided that necessary touch in Customer service, however they are failing miserably in getting the Sales Team to perform.

All sound familiar?

Good Sales people do not always make good Managers, they need to be shown how to understand the mental approach necessary in order to get the maximum performance from their team.  How to identify the ‘needs’ of the members, to find out what makes them ‘tick’ and get the orders - they need effective training.

We will ensure the Manager is correctly and continually appraising and assessing the team, what they should be looking for and the most effective method of ensuring that maximum effort is being applied by each member.  To misquote the old ‘adage’ we will get them working smarter—not harder.

Sales Effectiveness

Sales are at the very heart of business success. Three quarters of the UK company revenue comes from the ‘sales force’ activity.

Two essential ingredients to this effectiveness are:  Training and Supervision.

These are necessary to maintain a high standard and consistency in the levels of performance.

So what type of courses do we offer?

Retail Sales - Field Sales [Products & Services] - Field Mentoring / Accompaniment

No matter what level your current sales force are now at in their own  development program, from the ‘Old Pros’ who know everyone and get lots of orders, or the ‘New Face’ who are in their first sales position.

Due to the nature of your business you might have a high turnover of staff, with new people joining all the time and the experienced person moving on to other things.

It does not matter… Everyone requires good effective refresher training to keep them on top of the competition.

We at Libra Management will put together an individually tailored course to suit your company requirements.

Typical topics that are covered on all courses include:

·                 When Price is a problem.

·                 How to follow up on a proposal.

·                 Right people… wrong time.

·                 Motivation in challenging times.

·                 Knowing the competition.

·                 Handling common objections

·                 Selling in tough times.

·                 Don’t sell… let the client buy the benefits.

·                 Winning more sales.

·                 Territory Planning.

Plus any of the bespoke items that may be unique to your product / service.

We also cover related topics like:  Marketing & Merchandising

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